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Welcome to DIAMONDS!

Updated: May 13, 2021

Hello and welcome to the new DIAMONDS website – and the DIAMONDS Blog!

We are a team of researchers working to improve health and wellbeing for people who are living with a severe mental illness and also have diabetes. The DIAMONDS research programme brings together several smaller projects that all work towards that same goal. You can find out more about our work and the team here.

One of our main goals throughout the DIAMONDS programme is to make sure we share our work and our findings with the people who need to know about them – clinicians, healthcare practitioners, policy makers, and – most importantly – service users and their carers, as well as other researchers. We hope that our new website and this blog will help us reach the people we really want to reach by sharing our work so that it’s easy to find and easy to understand.

We will use this blog to discuss our findings and share updates about our work and the wider programme. Hopefully, we will be able to invite guest blogs from colleagues working in the same area, from service users, clinicians, and others. We will aim to add new blog posts every month and we will share important news and updates as they happen. In the meantime, you can explore this website, browse our archive of newsletters, sign up to receive future newsletters, follow us on twitter, and/or get in touch with any further questions.

If you are living with a severe mental illness and diabetes or care for someone who is, you might be interested in finding out more about our service user and carer group DIAMONDS Voice who have been part of the DIAMONDS Programme from the very beginning. DIAMONDS Voice are a really important part of all of our work – and a lovely group of people, too!

Like everything about DIAMONDS, this website was a team effort, made possible by the dedication and hard work of several people. I want to end this first blog post by thanking

DIAMONDS Voice, and Angie Ross, who continue to share their experiences and give their time so generously across all areas of the DIAMONDS programme. It was your input that helped us keep our focus on making this website accessible and easy to use for all.

Laura Evans at Nifty Fox Creative who designed the website with her unique style and utterly brilliant knack for understanding our needs and vision

The University of York Office for Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni, whose Mentally Fit York Fund provided financial support for the development of this website

The DIAMONDS research and admin team who have contributed to the development process and provided feedback on draft versions.

Thank you, to all of you, for making this happen. I can’t wait to see where our new blog will take us – there are exciting times ahead!

Jen Brown, DIAMONDS Programme Manager and Research Fellow

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