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"Research for All" - LYPFT Annual Research Forum March 2023

Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) have long been among our closest partners and we were delighted to receive an invitation to their annual research forum which this year was under the motto “Research for all”. On the day, DIAMONDS Programme Manager Jen Brown was joined by DIAMONDS Voice member Gary Hellewell, and DIAMONDS Coach Shaun Bell to give an update on the DIAMONDS programme.

Their presentation highlighted the many different groups of people that are so important to the work: our interdisciplinary team of researchers, NHS partners across England, DIAMONDS Voice, DIAMONDS Coaches, and study participants to name but a few. Gary and Shaun gave insights into their own unique experience of being part of DIAMONDS.

Jen’s reflections on the day:

“After so many years of virtual conferences, it still feels like a treat to be able to travel and meet in person. Leeds Docks is such a vibrant and lively area and the venue was perfect for presentations and informal conversations al

ike. Listening to the other speakers throughout the day showed the breadth of research that’s going on across LYPFT and the fantastic work that is being done. It was a particular pleasure to hear about their research with children and young people, including CONIFAS, another study based at the University of York.

Thank you to the organisers for the invitation and a brilliant day. We’d love to be back next year.”

Gary’s reflections:

"It was a wonderful meeting. I thought that it was a pleasure to talk about our project again. And listening to other organizations on their own projects."

Shaun’s reflections:

"It was a very interesting day and it was great to hear about all the other research that is going on currently. It was exciting to be part of the DIAMONDS presentation and to be able to put forward my perspective on how it is working and progressing."

You can find some photos from the day as well as the slides for all of the talk by clicking this link.

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