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Conference Presentations Spring 2021

The DIAMONDS Team has been busy during the past couple of months presenting our research at conferences, aimed at both academics and clinicians.

On the 26th of May we attended the Society for Academic Primary Care’s (SAPC) Primary Care Mental Health Conference, hosted by the Universities of York, Bristol and Keele, and supported by the Yorkshire and Humber Applied Research Collaboration (YH ARC). The conference was titled ‘Mental Health: Person and Place’

Our post-doctoral research fellow Claire Carswell presented the findings from our systematic review of determinants of self-management in people with severe mental illness in a 3-minute ‘elevator pitch’ session entitled ‘Online spaces and green places; Other places and Trends; Influences and outcomes’, chaired by Pete Coventry. Claire described how previous research has tried to identify factors that can help or hinder people with severe mental illness engaging in healthy behaviours. The main findings from our research showed a person’s beliefs about the consequences of a behaviour, and their beliefs about their capabilities, influenced eating healthy and how much physical activity they took part in.

EMERALD team member Han-I Wang also presented on ‘Healthcare resource use and costs for people with type 2 diabetes with and without severe mental illness in the UK: a longitudinal matched case-control study using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink’ during the ‘Wellbeing and Self-care’ elevator pitch session chaired by Carolyn Chew-Graham.

The abstracts for these presentations will be made available on the SAPC website.

On the 22nd of June DIAMONDS also presented at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Virtual International Congress. Claire Carswell participated in a rapid fire poster session where she presented the findings from our qualitative systematic literature review, describing the experiences of, and barriers or facilitators to, self-management for people with severe mental illness. The review highlighted how the experience of living with mental illness could affect a person’s ability to manage their physical health. The abstract for the rapid fire poster presentation has been published and is available on BJPsych Open.

We want to thank the Society for Academic Primary Care and the Royal College of Psychiatrists for inviting us to present at these wonderful events, and giving us a chance to share the work of DIAMONDS.

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